The Prosper PI Network is a community of practice aimed at addressing the development needs of principal investigators (PIs) and managers of researchers and, ultimately, the career development needs of research staff. It has run 4-6 online events a year since 2020 and is open to PIs and managers of researchers across the UK. Through expert speakers, PI guest speakers and peer-led discussions, PI Network events aim to positively influence the culture within research institutions, developing PI practice and creating an environment that supports and values research staff and the academics who manage them

Beneficiaries: Research and teaching staff Managers of researchers
Stakeholders: Managers of researchers Professional staff Senior/executive team Funders
Concordat principles: Environment and culture Employment Professional and career development
Keywords: Principal Investigator Networking Managers of Researchers

The Researcher Forum at Plymouth enables the University to facilitate communications, consultation, practice sharing, development and support with our Researchers. The Researcher Forum facilitates discussion and networking between our researchers, managers, academics and staff supporting researchers and is key to supporting our researchers. Meetings are themed according to Concordat-related activities, University initiatives and priorities for researchers, for example: Concordat consultation, REF, career development, funding support, Open Access and, Impact. The Concordat Working Group works closely with the Researcher Forum and Research Staff representatives on Concordat-related activities, providing a pivotal link with our community of researchers. Faculty ECR Forums have been established for the Faculties of Health; Science and Engineering; and Arts, Humanities and Business. Faculty ECR Forums are conduits for information, consultation, representation, career development and support for researchers aligned with each group. Establishing Faculty ECR Forums has led to further opportunities for research staff through 'Faculty crossover representatives', which provides an excellent opportunity for researchers who are interested in developing their experience/research beyond their Faculty network.

Beneficiaries: Research staff Postgraduate researchers Research and teaching staff Teaching-only staff Managers of researchers Professional support staff
Stakeholders: Researchers Managers of researchers Professional staff Senior/executive team
Concordat principles: Environment and culture Employment Professional and career development
Keywords: Researcher ECR Forum Representation Career development Networking Collaboration Support Concordat Training Signposting Policy Equality, diversity and inclusion Research culture Research integrity Wellbeing Researcher voice Bullying and harassment Flexible working Open Transparent and Merit-based (OTM) recruitment and progression Induction Job security Working conditions Career progression Performance management Professional development Career management Diverse careers Leadership development Research identity Research assessment Recognition